August, 2015

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

There’s a cracking quote from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1919 which sums up the rebellious, contrary and sometimes frustrating nature of the Liverpool psyche: “Liverpool is an anarchic place where spontaneity and the flamboyant gesture are preferred to the disciplines of tactical thinking and planned interventions. It is an organiser’s graveyard.” If ever an insight summed up […]

Boston waterfront at duskBoston, USA: not in need of an Olympics inspired economic boost

The Liverpool Commonwealth Games: urban regeneration beano or an invitation to fiscal profligacy?

Those who take issue with government’s free-wheeling attitude towards their hard-earned were cheering Boston’s recent decision to decline the ‘honour’ of being America’s bidding city for the 2024 summer Olympics. When it comes to fiscal larceny on a grand scale there’s nowt like an Olympics for emptying taxpayers’ wallets. Just one – yep, one – in post-war history has turned […]

Skibbereen digital hubSkibbereen in County Cork: an unlikely test bed for the digital economy

Digital hubs not just for the urban realm

Digital connectivity has become something of a watchword for urban planners, for reasons that need no rehearsing here. The absence of a mega pipe to everyone’s door is such a source of competitive disadvantage that central governments and local authorities the world over are finding the money to fund the necessary infrastructure.  And where they can’t, the private sector is […]