September, 2015

Amsterdam's backie scheme makes tourists welcomeSure beats a taxi fare

Backie! Amsterdam’s wonderful wheeze to make tourists feel welcome

City bike schemes have proved hugely popular around the globe, but now the Dutch have gone one further – inviting tourists to hop on the back of a local’s bike.  Dougal Paver investigates. Galway this week garnered global publicity after a leading American travel magazine nominated it the world’s friendliest city.  Amsterdam can’t have done its chances in next year’s survey […]

Entrepreneurship largely eludes the frenchHeading for London, double-quick

Entrepreneurship? The French don’t even have a word for that

George W Bush’s famous quip about the root cause of France’s sluggish economy may have made him sound a bit foolish, but did he have a point?  Merrion Strategy founder Dougal Paver investigates. Over in France’s sixth largest city a workforce of 400,000 highly qualified Frenchmen run a vast array of enterprises, building one of the world’s great commercial entrepôts as they go.  Tell them that […]

There's nothing like cow pieJust one slice of the American gun making pie would create thousands of jobs in the UK

Would looser gun control laws boost the UK’s economy?

UK gun control laws are among the strictest in the world but some suggest we’re missing a trick.  Two, in fact: the economic boost from gun manufacture and the reduction in crime from allowing ‘concealed carry’.  Dougal Paver examines the issue. Thirty two billion dollars a year is a big pie by any count.  Positively cow pie territory, in fact, which is an […]