July, 2016

Which way are you looking after Brexit?The cause of much of the world's ills, apparently

Which way are you looking after Brexit?

Post-brexit the economic signals are mixed, though largely favour those who said the world wouldn’t end.  Let’s take the pulse in six months’ time, suggests Merrion MD Dougal Paver.  Then we’ll really know. The end of the world (yes, they said that); multinationals bolting for the door; an immediate and deep economic crash;  in fact, just about everything short of a plague of […]

Someone's listeningYou get a better quality of busker in Dublin. To be sure

Someone’s listening

One city has twigged that good buskers boost tourism whilst bad ones with limited repertoires send poor shop workers potty.  Hats off to Dublin, says Dougal Paver. A while back my esteemed guest blogger, John Flamson, pondered on the challenges of ensuring buskers cut the mustard.  I added a footnote about the quality I’d seen in Dublin and Galway recently, […]