June, 2018

Successful cities come in all shapes and sizes.Going pop any time soon

Successful cities teeter on the brink of failure

Some of the world’s most successful cities are succeeding just a little too much and policy-makers are struggling to keep the whole show from falling apart.  From Berlin to Barcelona, Venice to Dublin, it’s all getting a little bit fraught.  Dougal Paver takes a look at the issue. Venice had a population of 134,000 in 1931.  Now it stands at […]

Dublin's housing crisis shows no signs of abatingDublin: bursting at the seams

Ireland’s housing crisis won’t be fixed any time soon

Ireland’s housing crisis is harming the country’s competitiveness, just at a time when it hopes to exploit whatever advantages Brexit may bring.  Clumsy government intervention means it won’t be solved any time soon, however.  Merrion MD Dougal Paver takes a look at what’s happening over the water. When your author spent three years knocking around Dublin in the late eighties […]

The British High Street is not deadCirencester: the British High Street fightback begins here.

CVAs stack the odds against landlords – and are harming the British High Street

Company Voluntary Arrangements – CVAs – are a means by which retailers can stave off bankruptcy by seeking creditors’ support for the reduction of their debt burden.  But whilst such moves may protect jobs, as retailers claim, some say they are being abused to help retailers duck out of lease agreements voluntarily entered in to.  Merrion MD Dougal Paver looks […]