What price a Dublin metro?Heavy traffic is the curse of modern Dublin

What price a Dublin metro?

Ireland’s politicians have kicked the can down the road once again with news that the Dublin metro is to be shelved.  The city’s creaking public transport system can barely cope and with the population surging it won’t end well, predicts Dougal Paver. I’ve blogged before about Dublin’s unsatisfactory patchwork of public transport provision.  For a city of its wealth and size the absence of […]

If your city isn't being destroyed, then it's dead alreadyRipping things up and starting again

If your city isn’t being destroyed, then it’s dead already

The creative destruction of technology and capitalism – allied with mankind’s inventiveness – is re-casting cities across the globe. If these forces are passing your city by then you should ask your leaders why, suggests Dougal Paver. French restaurateurs are up in arms about a new app that allows tourists to have meals in locals’ homes.  Barricades are being manned, government […]

Regional devolution will strengthen LiverpoolRegional devolution must improve the city region's economy, say its backers

Liverpool moves towards regional devolution

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is making “good progress” towards determining the shape of the regional devolution deal it would like to negotiate with central government.  Any deal will need to offer the region the repatriation of significant powers and spending authority, however. The latest communique from the authority says any bid to central government will have the objectives […]

Palais de Festivals Cannes"How much to buy all of Manchester?"

MIPIM: it’s all about the symbolism

If you were in the business of producing eggs and the annual Eggfest – the global coming together of the world’s egg buyers and sellers and their respective supply chains – was in, say, Sydney, then you’d be pretty daft not to haul your backside off to Oz to sell your wares. Imagine, then, that you’re a politician tasked with […]