Someone’s listening

Someone's listeningYou get a better quality of busker in Dublin. To be sure
One city has twigged that good buskers boost tourism whilst bad ones with limited repertoires send poor shop workers potty.  Hats off to Dublin, says Dougal Paver.

A while back my esteemed guest blogger, John Flamson, pondered on the challenges of ensuring buskers cut the mustard.  I added a footnote about the quality I’d seen in Dublin and Galway recently, but it seems that such ability isn’t universal.

Dublin City Council has been forced to pass new by-laws banning buskers from using amplification and backing tracks, whilst insisting that their repertoire is a minimum of 30 minutes’ long.  Shop workers and business owners across the city centre are said to have breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The standard’s still good, though.  In Dublin last week with a client we were entranced by a group of young teenagers showing off their new Irish dancing steps.  They were great and drew a hugely appreciative crowd.  It was the innocence as much as the ability which struck us – couldn’t envisage that in Manchester or Liverpool, for sure.  More’s the pity.