How cannabis tourism works"Would sir like a croissant with his kush?"

Roll-up, roll-up! Seattle tokes its way to a cannabis tourism industry

As Amsterdam squeezes one last drag out of its coffee shop industry, Seattle in America’s north west has taken to cannabis tourism as its latest wheeze to boost its thriving visitor economy.  Merrion MD Dougal Paver breaths in the controversy. There’s a lot of rain and a lot of water in both Seattle and Amsterdam, and until recently there the […]

Amsterdam's backie scheme makes tourists welcomeSure beats a taxi fare

Backie! Amsterdam’s wonderful wheeze to make tourists feel welcome

City bike schemes have proved hugely popular around the globe, but now the Dutch have gone one further – inviting tourists to hop on the back of a local’s bike.  Dougal Paver investigates. Galway this week garnered global publicity after a leading American travel magazine nominated it the world’s friendliest city.  Amsterdam can’t have done its chances in next year’s survey […]