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First, the wrong type of snow. Now, the wrong type of jobs

We’ve endured the wrong type of leaves on the track and the wrong type of snow.  Now it seems Liverpool is suffering from the wrong type of jobs, finds Dougal Paver. The excellent Centre for Cities this week published an analysis of employment growth among Britain’s SMEs – the engine of job creation in any open economy.  Their findings made for mixed […]

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

There’s a cracking quote from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1919 which sums up the rebellious, contrary and sometimes frustrating nature of the Liverpool psyche: “Liverpool is an anarchic place where spontaneity and the flamboyant gesture are preferred to the disciplines of tactical thinking and planned interventions. It is an organiser’s graveyard.” If ever an insight summed up […]