Chicago shows Britain the downside of spendthrift governmentNot waving, but drowning: wealthy Chicago risks following Detroit into civic oblivion

Chicago shows Britain the downside of spendthrift government

To paraphrase Maggie somewhat, ‘the problem with certain governments is that they run out of other people’s money.’  And you don’t have to be an economic basket case to do so, either, as spendthrift Chicago demonstrates. It’s a long while since I’ve been to Chicago and, whilst it was pretty darned impressive back in the nineties, I hear tell that […]

Undergraduates at studyA key ingredient for economic growth, right there

Education is a key driver for economic growth

File that headline under ‘no shit, Sherlock’ if you like, but it’s worth exploring – particularly in the context of Liverpool, Britain’s fifth largest metropolis (for my overseas readers, the league table goes like this: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool). It’s a given in advanced western economies that educational attainment within a population is a strong predictor of economic growth. […]