George Osborne"Hills get in the way of the 4G signal, you say? Hmm..."

4G or not 4G: that is the question

It would be to overstate the significance of this blog somewhat  *coughs*  to suggest that George Osborne’s article in yesterday’s Telegraph was a direct rebuttal of my own piece about how ‘the digital deficit’ was a factor in rural economies’ relative underperformance.  Always good to see that more than a few minds are debating the issue, however. Now, before you read […]

Undergraduates at studyA key ingredient for economic growth, right there

Education is a key driver for economic growth

File that headline under ‘no shit, Sherlock’ if you like, but it’s worth exploring – particularly in the context of Liverpool, Britain’s fifth largest metropolis (for my overseas readers, the league table goes like this: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool). It’s a given in advanced western economies that educational attainment within a population is a strong predictor of economic growth. […]