That push for localism starts with your food marketThey'd eat loads of these in Chorley - if only they could find them

That push for localism starts with your food market

The Sage of Chorley told us that garlic bread was the future, but now we know that’s only the case if it’s locally-baked from sustainable sources.  For cities as much as market towns, localism holds the key to economic sustainability, argues Dougal Paver. You notice stuff wandering around cities like Barcelona for a week (that’s the holiday plug over).  Things […]

Bulls' testicles: proof of the glorious efficiency of marketsGreat with spuds and gravy

Bulls’ testicles: proof of the glorious efficiency of markets

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but give competition room to flourish and the public are the winners. Just wander around Barcelona’s marvellous Mercat de Sant Josep if you want proof, suggests Dougal Paver. Ask me at any point on any day where I’d like to be if I could be teleported there and then and the answer would be the same: “on a stool […]

Weary waiterSoon to be replaced by a 22 year-old Italian.

Café society, revisited

We welcome back John Flamson with another thought-provoking guest blog on café society, Liverpool-style.  Enjoy. As the weather changes and our summer holidays seem a distant memory, we think fondly of the balmy evenings, pavement cafés, a cooling Pils or a warming Cortado.  And we imagine such simple joys in our own city of Liverpool. I repeat in full below […]

Gather up your bailing twine - it's time for the National Ploughing ChampionshipsLeft a bit...

Gather up your bailing twine – it’s time for the National Ploughing Championships

It’s the largest exporter per head of population in the world and one of the ten most innovative nations on earth, but what was the most read story on its business pages this morning?  Why, the National Ploughing Championships.  Ireland, dear reader, is still a rural country at heart. One of the advantages for a townie like me of heading for […]

San Sebastian pintxosOn such morsels is an entire economy built

Food production: regeneration’s new frontier

Harnessing the economic potential of food production and retailing can deliver huge employment and regeneration gains, argues Dougal Paver. But to maximise the benefits, strategic vision is called for. There’s a thriving little city of 190,000 souls tucked inside Spain’s Atlantic border with France by the name of San Sebastian. Pretty as a picture, fiercely Basque (it’s called Donostia by […]