San Sebastian pintxosOn such morsels is an entire economy built

Food production: regeneration’s new frontier

Harnessing the economic potential of food production and retailing can deliver huge employment and regeneration gains, argues Dougal Paver. But to maximise the benefits, strategic vision is called for. There’s a thriving little city of 190,000 souls tucked inside Spain’s Atlantic border with France by the name of San Sebastian. Pretty as a picture, fiercely Basque (it’s called Donostia by […]

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

I used to be apathetic, then I couldn’t be ar….

There’s a cracking quote from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1919 which sums up the rebellious, contrary and sometimes frustrating nature of the Liverpool psyche: “Liverpool is an anarchic place where spontaneity and the flamboyant gesture are preferred to the disciplines of tactical thinking and planned interventions. It is an organiser’s graveyard.” If ever an insight summed up […]