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Wealth, the Seattle waySeattle, where the rain never gets in the way of creating wealth

Staggering wealth accrues to the few as tech entrepreneurs follow the money

Just a handful of the world’s cities account for half of global venture capital investment in tech innovation.  No surprises: London is the UK’s only representative in this stellar league table.  Merrion MD Dougal Paver ponders what this means for Britain’s provincial cities scrambling to build and sustain their own tech sectors. Get this: the conurbations of San Francisco, Washington […]

Want to preserve your city in aspic? It may end up like San FranciscoLiverpool's skyline has benefitted enormously from forward-thinking planning

Want to preserve your city in aspic? It may end up like San Francisco

My home town of Liverpool faces some interesting challenges as its economy continues its ten year growth spurt. With such a track record you might imagine that the issues relate to coping with the inflationary pressures of growth and, in part, they do. My own children’s primary school, in a tight location where the inner city suddenly butts up against […]