San Sebastian

Bradford and curry - a pairing whose time has come?Curry and economics could make for a heady mix over in Yorkshire

Bradford and curry – a pairing whose time has come?

Bradford’s latest kick in the economic proverbials has been dealt not by the private sector, but government. The pain is all the greater when it transpires that neighbouring Leeds is the main beneficiary.   What will save Bradford now, asks Dougal Paver. I wrote a while back about how stupendously handsome Bradford is.  Real knock-out good looks, if Victorian architecture is […]

San Sebastian pintxosOn such morsels is an entire economy built

Food production: regeneration’s new frontier

Harnessing the economic potential of food production and retailing can deliver huge employment and regeneration gains, argues Dougal Paver. But to maximise the benefits, strategic vision is called for. There’s a thriving little city of 190,000 souls tucked inside Spain’s Atlantic border with France by the name of San Sebastian. Pretty as a picture, fiercely Basque (it’s called Donostia by […]